Dikla Akrat began her successful career at a prominent hotel chain in Tel Aviv, Israel. It wasn’t long before her talents were recognized and she rose up the ranks. After 15 years, Dikla could proudly say she had held positions such as Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Customer Service, and Director of Reservations. Her latest venture for the past five years has been working in the United Kingdom to help struggling businesses thrive and to guide young entrepreneurs who have startup dreams. To find out more, visit Dikla at her website!

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Tips for Negotiating in Business

To improve in negotiation, it’s important to understand how both sides benefit from the deal. Deception might provide the upper hand initially, but it will cause resentment or negative backlash in the near future. The goal of negotiation should be to establish positive long-term business relationships. The following tips will help anyone who wants toContinue reading “Tips for Negotiating in Business”

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentorship creates windows of opportunity connecting mentors and mentees. No individual is an island, and people seek advice and shoulders to lean on from time to time. Identifying a good mentor can steer one in the right direction and guide them in dealing with challenging situations. Individuals are constantly seeking ways to remain on courseContinue reading “The Importance of Mentorship”

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